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Turn on the radio. The mouth moves precisely to what's on the radio. Batteries included. Astonishing gift for radio executives who need to smile.

$19.95 plus shipping
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All day you work with potatoheads and you're sick of it. Put an end to wacky interference. Let everyone know that you will not have any potatoheads in the room with you. It's extra large, four colors and made of premium cotton. This isn't one of those cheap shirts like your station gives away.

$9.00 plus shipping
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That great smell of a radio station early in the morning -- a stronger-than-most brew. Your first order gets you the custom coffee mug. Sure, you might still spill it on the control board but the yelling from the engineer will be worth it. This is premium, custom-blended coffee to take you back to the first time you walked into a radio station -- right about the time you started drinking coffee. Three pounds (plus free mug for first orders.)

$29.95 plus shipping
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Special for on-air talent only: Our exclusive guide to getting work, getting a raise and getting the career you deserve. We've studied the patterns of long-term winners: How the major market leaders got there, how you can build a career rather than from going to job to job. Discover how to make Arbitron work for you. Understand your PD and GM. A best seller for the past five years, Career Builder Guide is now offered on the Internet for the first time. What a great gift.

$89.00 plus shipping
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