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How does this work? Sabo media offers three services:

  • Problem solving seminar. A one day meeting with our team of experts. Tell us your goals, your challenges, we lead your staff to the solution. A great way for you to achieve your goals without requiring you to bark commands.
  • World class speaker. Ask anyone who has heard him, Walter Sabo is a compelling, fun and funny public speaker. Book Walter Sabo for your next convention or management seminar. He addresses the hottest media trends and shifts in audience tastes and interests. The calendar is tight, so book as far ahead as possible. All speeches are custom and current. This is the fastest way for your organization to be up to date in the latest consumer usage trends in radio, television, websites and popular entertainment.
  • Add Sabo Media to your team. After an initial meeting, most of our clients sign up for a full term relationship. A marriage of skills delivers the best results. Sabo's exclusive information on content development combined with your team's experience. We work as a consulting partner on a monthly flat retainer. No hidden wacky charges. (Isn't it bizarre when a lawyer charges you for postage?)

Note, although we work with the largest media companies in the world, we also work with much smaller organizations. Don't be shy. Contact us and see what we can do for you. Email us now for a free phone consultation: Harry Valentine:


Sabo Speech explodes at Arbitron

Dear Walter:

Wow! You were the perfect end cap for our senior management and executive media futures day. Carol Hanley, who heads up our 250-person sales and marketing organization came up to me indicating she wished that she had you booked as a speaker for our sales & marketing conference which is going on now in Baltimore.

Simply put, you were the perfect combination of realistic conclusions on technology, humorous observations and a keen understanding of what consumers want. What I think our group found especially useful was your observations on satellite radio and some of the new technologies such as the iPod.

Walter, your presentation blew away all my expectations. It was fabulous.

Thank you so much.

Warmest regards,
Pierre Bouvard

NEW MEDIA seminar 2005, NYC


Once again, you did a wonderful job at the New Media Seminar.

Thank you for your valuable and most appreciated contribution.

Talk with you soon.

TALKERS magazine
host of the NEW MEDIA seminar 2005

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